Welcome to my Castle, Collectors!

Tucked away into a corner of Diagon Alley stands a tiny little shop which looks like a castle. A worn sign on the outside reads 'The Card Wizard's Castle'.
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Welcome to my Castle, Collectors!

Postby The Card Wizard » Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:43 pm


Welcome, Collectors, to the Card Wizard's Castle!

I, as you may have realised already, am the Card Wizard. I will be assisting you as you collect my Wizardry Cards.

This introduction will hopefully familiarise you with the collecting of cards. Don't be shy, ask questions if you have them!

Castle Rules
First let's go over what you can and cannot do inside my castle, hrm?
  • You may ask questions in this topic; please don't create a new topic for each question. Alternatively, you can ask questions in the Questions, Suggestions and Requests section of the forum, but here works fine when it's about the cards
  • You may create new topics to discuss the Wizardry Cards in my castle
  • You may not start your collection in my castle; please head over to the Collection Albums for that
  • You may create your own little shop to sell your extra cards, if you'd rather not trade them (more on shops later)

Collecting Cards
Of course to collect cards, you'll need to start a collection! You can do this by going to the Collection Albums and starting a new topic. Give your collection a good name (we recommend including your username in the topic title) and submit; some standard text will already be filled out, which you should just leave there. A staff member will come along as soon as possible and set up your collection. You'll get some cards corresponding to your house for free to get your started!

Some cards have a higher rarity than others, and thus are harder to get. Here's how to tell the rarity of a card in any standard set:
  • Black-bordered cards are Common
  • Silver borders are Uncommon
  • Gold borders are Rare
  • Purple borders are Super Rare

Purchasing Card Packs and Using Vouchers
So how do you get more cards? By purchasing Card Packs!
Card Packs can be bought for Galleons in the Card Pack Shop. Make sure to follow the instructions in there closely. There are different types of packs available, and more will be added in the future!

Every once in a while, PurebloodMuggle staff will give away cards (or even card packs!). They will do this by giving out Vouchers, which you can redeem by posting the voucher in your Card Album. Some cards can only be gotten with these Vouchers, so collect as many as possible! Of course, they do have an expiration date, so redeem them before it's too late.

Trading and Gifting Cards
While collecting Wizardry Cards, it's highly likely that you'll end up with duplicate cards. These will be put into the 'Duplicate Cards' section of your Card Album.
Of course, you can trade these with other users. You arrange the trade by talking to the other user in whichever way you prefer - propose the trade in their Card Album, contact them through PM, email them, talk to them in real life, over instant messages... whichever way works for the two of you.
Once you've agreed on the details, you both click on the Start a Trade! link in the Wizardry Card Collection Albums forum and fill out the form. We need both people in the trade to fill it out, since we need to make sure we have the approval of both parties.
Once we've received both forms, staff will swap the cards!

But what if you want to gift cards to someone? In this case, you don't need the approval of the other person; you simply fill out the Start a Trade form and where you'd normally enter the cards you will receive from the other person, you enter 'Gift' instead. This tells us you're gifting the cards, and we'll go ahead and move the cards to the other person's collection.

Starting your own Card Shop
If you want to earn back Galleons for your extra cards instead of trading them, you can create a Card Shop here in the Castle, where you can sell cards to other users. Sell the cards at whichever price you deem fair. To actually make purchases happen, do the following:
  • Let the buyer start a trade with the Start a Trade link in the Collection Albums forum. Where the card names would normally be entered, enter a Galleon amount instead
  • Let the buyer transfer points to you
  • Start your part of the trade by going to the Start a Trade link in the Collection Albums forum. A staff member will move the card from your collection to the buyer's collection
Selling and buying cards from user-run card shops is at your own risk! Buyers, beware that not everyone is nice and some people may try to scam you. Sellers, if staff gets wind of you scamming users, all points transferred to you will be transferred back to the buyers and you will get an official forum warning. Additional measures may be taken depending on the severity of your scams.

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