Things that make us smile (Positivity Thread!)

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Things that make us smile (Positivity Thread!)

Postby Sapphire » Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:08 pm

So I don't know if anyone else does this, but I have a thing I do where I list as many things that make me smile as I can think of. I add to it every so often and look at it whenever I feel down, and it really works to cheer me up. I thought maybe I'd post it and other people could share the things that make them smile, so we have a little space for everyone to come and read through things whenever they feel a little :(

Things that make me smile: (It's my current list and tbh it's longer than I thought it was :D )

Spoiler: show
The contented purr that cats make that makes their whole body vibrate.
The little specks of black vanilla bean in ice cream.
The smell of a new Skulduggery Pleasant book - they smell somehow different to all the others.
Huge dogs that act like tiny little excited puppies.
Little dogs that nearly fall over when they wag their tails.
The smell of Cadbury's chocolate when you've just taken it out of the wrapper.
Clear blue skies and fresh air, and the feeling of contentment I get when I walk through the parks on a nice day.
The bus coming five minutes early.
Books in a series that are all the same size and edition.
Snowflakes falling from a perfect white sky.
Ducks, just ducks.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows that steams up my glasses.
When my team wins a game by 40+ points to nil.
Hugs from my best friend, no matter how rare they may be.
Hearing my best friend's voice.
Just my best friend.
Old fashioned sweetshops - Cola Cubes, Mint Imperials, Turkish Delight, Sugar Mice, Pear Drops, and fudge in every flavour under the sun.
The feeling of newly printed pages between my fingers.
Those few blank pages at the start and end of a book.
The Super Mario Theme Tune.
Irish Accents.
The smell of birthday candles as they are blown out.
Fondant icing.
An awesome bass solo on a song. (e.g The Chain, Fleetwood Mac)
Good rock music.
Apple crumble with custard
The TARDIS noise
Crisp pages of a new notebook.
Scottish accents.
Waking up next to someone realising that you'd fallen asleep talking to each other.
A blank canvas.
Andy Biersack/Black/Sixx
Dancing Baby Groot
Bookmarks, no matter how random or inappropriate they may be
Rob Benedict
Louden Swain songs (even the ones that make me cry)
Kings of Con
Boxes tied with ribbons, even if there's nothing in them
Hedwig's Theme
Polar bears
Hearing an old song you used to be obsessed with and realising you still love it even after a long time

(A lot of these are just specific to me but I don't care who you are everyone loves puppies)

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